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Adam Foxwell



Adam is a consultant working the field of light and sound, for Arup, and independent firm of designers and technical specialist in the built environment. He leads Arup’s European Acoustic, Audio-visual and Theatre Consulting practice. Adam draws from extensive architectural project experience throughout the world and through lab work in sound and optics and has consulted on iconic buildings and ‘extreme spaces’ such as deep-underground neutrino observatories, the tallest building in the world, satellite vibration testing facilities and acoustic lab design.  Prior to consulting in the built environment for Arup, he worked in the optics field for the development of light polarizing films, laser ablation, projection systems for 3M.  Adam has a Master of Engineering in Acoustics (Penn State) and Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering (University of Minnesota) and has lectured on acoustics at the University of Pennsylvania Architecture Department.


Arup Acoustic Consulting



Adam's presentation will focus on wave behaviour in the context of extreme acoustic spaces:

Waves are fundamental in describing physics of light, sound, vibration, electricity, quantum chemistry and other forms of energy.  Since these domains share similar (and sometimes the same) principles in math, propagation and characterization we can use, for example, light to describe principles in sound and vice versa.  Cross-domain examples will be presented including acoustic black holes, polarization in light vs other waves and gravitational waves.  Art and architecture projects around these themes will also be presented in the context of ‘extreme acoustic spaces’ – projects that explore polarization in sound, astrophysical architecture (old and new) and architecture as a sound filter.