Tin Oberman



Tin Oberman graduated as an architect and urban planner from The University of Zagreb in 2009. He received his PhD on soundscape of urban open spaces in 2015 from The University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture. He spent some time performing live electronic music alongside. In 2018 he moved to London to work as a Research Fellow on an ERC funded project Soundscape Indices at The Bartlett Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering.


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Endless Loop of Public Space Soundscapes : Tin will discuss soundscape as defined per ISO 12193 and present the ongoing SSID project and the new Acoustics Lab located in Here East:

Soundscape is the perceptual construct of human experiencing an acoustic environment in context. The new Bartlett IEDE Acoustics Lab, built for the SSID (Soundscape Indices) ERC project, led by Prof Jian Kang, features an immersive sound system consisting of 12 coaxial speakers organised into a sphere. The SSID team recorded numerous acoustic environments using first order ambisonics microphones in public spaces of London, Sheffield, Granada, Venice, Zagreb, Zadar, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Chongqing and Harbin. We gathered individual responses on those environments in situ to create a collection of true soundscapes. Tin created a listening session to be reproduced in the Here East lab following not the location they were captured in but circling in an emotional loop from calm into vibrant, then chaotic and monotonous leading back to another beginning.